Strategies for Spiritual Self-Care

Spiritual Self-Care

Spiritual – to connect with essence, purpose, and meaning: Spiritual self-care might include prayer or meditation. You may want to visualize, practice gratitude, spend time in nature, and be aware of the non-material aspects of your life. Identify what is meaningful to you in your work and life. Practice mindfulness and being present in the moment.

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Strategies for spiritual self-care:

  • Having beliefs and values that are important to you and guide your life. Some examples of spiritual self-care:
  • Meditating/prayer time
  • Using a journal to reflect your
  • Going on a retreat and getting away to focus on yourself. Getting into nature is a way to turn off the screens and distractions in life and find that quiet time with yourself.
  • Practicing gratitude.  Letting those around you know the things they do that you appreciate.
  • Paying it forward.

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