Strategies for Physical Self-Care

People who pay attention to their own physical and emotional health are better able to handle the challenges of supporting someone with mental health issues. They are able to deal with changes, develop strong relationships and recover quicker when dealing with setbacks. Being a support to someone’s illness can have a big impact on both your physical and emotional health. Practicing self-care by maintaining your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health makes you more able to cope during hard times and enjoy good ones. Below you will find more information for creating your self-care strategy in each of these areas.

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Strategies for physical health self-care:

  • Daily Exercise daily. Exercise produces stress-relieving hormones and improves your overall wellbeing.
  • Healthy diet. By updating your eating habits to include more unprocessed foods like whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruit is key to a healthy body. This type of diet can help lower your risk for chronic diseases, and help with your mood and energy levels.
  • Good nights sleep. Adults generally need between seven and nine hours of sleep. Avoiding using smartphones, computers, and TV before bed can help you have a more restful sleep.
  • Reduce alcohol. Alcohol often does not ease stress, it can actually be worse for a person’s mental health.
  • Use relaxation techniques. Things like deep breathing, meditation and muscle relaxation exercises are quick and easy ways to reduce stress.
  • Manage Conflicts. When in conflict situations, using problem solving strategies can help you resolve conflicts and give you the space you need to think clearly about how to respond.

Make time for friends and family. By carving out time for friends and family you can avoid feeling disconnected to others. Engaging in social time like book clubs or group gym classes can also have a positive effect on your mental health. Your social connectedness can help prevent you from becoming depressed.

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