Strategies for Professional Self-Care

Professional Self-Care

Professional self-care is about the things you do that are related to your work life. Practicing self-care while at work, and adopting self-care practices that lead to a healthy work-life balance will make you more productive in your career. Self-care activities help reduce the overall stresses at work and help you to create balance. This involves activities to help you feel balanced and fulfilled at work.  By practicing self-care at work is meant to reduce overall career stresses.

Strategies for professional self-care:

  • Keep work time and personal time separate.
  • Stay organized.
  • Take breaks during the day.  Make sure you are taking time to step away from the stresses of your job. If you are working at a desk job, make sure to stand and move around.
  • Evaluate your work load.  Keeping track of projects and tasks you need to accomplish is important to help you prioritize what to work on and how much you can take on at work.

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